Stockman Rover Review – Aug 2023

Hi Phil,

We have owned our Stockman Rover now for nearly 2 years.  When ordering it basically sight unseen, we wanted something that was light to tow, had plenty of features and could be set up quickly.  The Rover has fulfilled all of these objectives very well.  We mainly had the goal of being able to travel into the remote goldfields of WA or Victoria and camp as close as possible to the prospecting areas we have researched.  To do this the Rover had to be able to handle some off road tracks.

As I write this review we have reached 21 days camped on the same spot 6km out of Nullagine, WA.  Getting to Nullagine which is 3,600km from home has been on our wish list for three years.  We literally found gold in the gravels adjacent to where we have now set up camp.  This is exactly what we purchased the Rover for.  We can go out detecting in the morning and come back for lunch and a cold drink.  

Looking at individual features.

The 110 litre Dometic fridge has been great.  We’ve packed something like 10 days worth of food in it as some of the regional sites have very basic food services.

The Queen size mattress has given us plenty of restful sleeps.

The off grid air conditioner has been awesome.  We can sit in the cabin on a hot afternoon watching the 24″ Monitor with the A/C on and our (supplementary) 250 watt solar panel maintaining the battery charge at 100%.

Detecting in the goldfields can bery very dusty and dirty so it’s great to be able to have a decent shower with the onboard gas HWS.  We are close to the town refill point and have been ferrying water back to camp with the aid of two jerry cans.

All in all we have been very happy with our Rover.

Stockman Rover - Western Australia
Stockman Rover at the Tropic of Capricorn