Mereenie Loop, Oodnadatta Track and Painted Desert

As you can see, our pod trailer is in almost exactly the same condition as it was when we bought it 11 years ago. Very durable.

In the middle of the year we took it – standard leaf springs – around the Mereenie loop (fairly rough) on the way to Uluru, and then through the painted desert and down the Oondnadatta track (actually very smooth, but dusty). The trailer was great and we saw about another five. We actually sold a camper trailer and went back to a tent and the pod trailer because its so much better.

The camper trailer took 15 minutes and 2 adults to open up enough just to get inside to load and unload before a trip – the pod trailer takes 1 person and 1.5 seconds to open. There is no crawling around on the floor trying to get things out of the back of a cupboard. What made me purchase it was it looked like a great piece of engineering and it really is. The lightweight lid is a good safety feature – I didn’t want the kids getting their fingers injured by a heavy steel lid.

Cheers, Richard