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  • Pod Trailer

    Pod Trailer

    An enclosed car trailer for camping gear, gardening or those who just need more luggage space.

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  • All Roada

    All Roada

    All the versatility of the pod trailer with the ability to go off the beaten track.

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  • Pod Trailer Extreme

    Extreme Off Roada

    Our toughest off-road trailer packed with accessories.

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What is the Pod Trailer?

The trailer game has changed forever with Stockman Products introduction of the world-first plastic trailer with a lockable lid.

Invented and Made in Australia using recycled polyethylene, hot dipped galvanised chassis, and a rubber sealed waterproof lid.

The Award winning Pod Trailer offers a highly dependable trailer that thrives in Australia’s most testing conditions

With over 4000 units now sold, The POD Trailer is fast becoming the versatile trusted workhorse for modern active families.

Pod Trailer on the road.

What separates the Pod Trailer from the rest?

  1. Indestructible rust proof tubs designed for 30 years exposure to the Aussie sun.
  2. Weatherproof lockable lids keeps your camping gear safe and dry.
  3. Super light and economical to tow by ANY vehicle.
  4. Handy racks for up to 10 bikes, 6 Kayaks, tinnies or Tradesman equipment.
  5. Invented and still proudly made in Australia.
  6. Easily removable Lid for Bulky Items or piling up garden clippings.
  7. Recycled polyethylene used where possible.
  8. Leave your camping gear stored inside the pod to save on the dreaded packing and unpacking.
  9. Personalisation ⇨ Tailor the Pod to suit your needs.
  10. Heavy Duty Tie Downs ⇨ Secure belongings of all shapes & sizes

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