James Baroud




The Explorer Evolution hard shell, roof top tent offers a new way to look at camping and 4WD adventure holidays. With larger internal space the Explorer Evolution provides sleeping space for two adults and a child.

It takes only one person 8 seconds to set up and is simply a matter of releasing the catches and letting the four struts raise the upper hull, creating the tent walls as it expands. 8 Seconds and your ready for bed!

Just as easy to pack away. Pull down the upper hull and the tent draws back into the shell using a clever elasticized seam that is sown into the tent walls. Once the latches are secured, your on your way again. 25 seconds to pack up? How does that compare with what you’re currently using?

Able to withstand the most extreme conditions the Explorer Evolution is completely waterproof and wind tested to 120km/hr. There’s some comfort in knowing that your sleeping space offers much better protection against the extreme weather than conventional tents.

In the event of hot weather the design of the Explorer Evolution allows for air to circulate freely through the tent through the screened windows and openings.

A solar powered fan built into the upper hull will help avoid condensation that may build up in the tent.

With all the openings and doors completely screened and flaps secured shut by Velcro you’ll sleep easy knowing you are protected from annoying biting insects and snakes. These flaps also protect your privacy.

Every roof top tent comes with it’s own high-density mattress and protective cover. The mattress has an ISO world rating for air permeability, which means it breathes, allowing air to circulate to keep the mattress fresh.

Internal fittings include removable storage pockets and a ceiling storage net with internal lighting supplied by a rechargeable LED torch.

Access is easily gained using the folding ladder provided with each tent. The ladder attaches to the lower hull and the specially designed, telescoping legs adjust to the movement of the vehicle as you enter and leave.

Available as an accessory is a custom luggage bag that secures into the upper hull with Velcro straps. Zippered at the rear for easy access, internal straps to secure your possessions and 100% waterproof. They really have thought of everything.





  • Construction

    • Wind resistance of the tent when opened: 120 km/hr
    • Reinforced upper and lower hull with stainless steel fittings
    • Gas strut easy opening and closing mechanism
    • Luggage rack integrated into hull with loading blockers and 6 x anchor points
    • Tent can be opened with 20kg loading
    • 4 x adjustable safety catches to secure closed
    • 2 x built-in aluminium rails to attach the hull onto the roof racks
    • 6 x mounting brackets for attaching to roof bars
    • Fabric secured to hulls by cable fitted into recessed groove
    • 2 x fixing points for the ladder on the hull
    • 1 x aluminum ladder (and storage cover), with sliding action to follow vehicle movement
    • 1 x removable and rechargeable LED torch


    • Ventilation fan
    • Capacity 11.6m3/minute
    • Automatic and silent operation
    • Vent powered by an integrated solar panel, giving 24 hours battery life between charges – see usage notes
    • Draws away accumulated heat and avoids condensation build up


    • 1 x back door with mosquito netting, zipper and Velcro fastening
    • 2 x side doors with mosquito netting and rain awning
    • Top quality double stitched, aluminised polyester fabric. (6 x ISO ratings)
    • Stitched-in elastic drawstring around the tent retracts the fabric when stowing
    • High density foam mattress with zipped cover. ( 3 x ISO ratings)
    • 6 x fabric coatings; reflects the sun rays, anti UV, non perishable, 100% waterproof and breathable
    • removable storage pocket
    • 1 x ceiling storage net


    • Color of hull
    • Thermal insulation, gain up to 6 degrees in winter
    • Luggage bag designed to fit into hull roof


    • 5 years guarantee on fabric, hull and mechanism
    • 2 years guarantee on gelcoat and accessories and ventilation system
    • Traceability with serial number