Roof Top Tent


If you like the versatility of using your trailer for tip runs as well as weekends away, why not strap a roof top tent on top? They’re comfortable, quick to set-up and good value these days. Combine it with a slide-out kitchen and some shade protection, and you’ve got yourself a camper trailer for half the dough, half the weight and half the set-up time of the flash models.

Stockman have developed mounting systems to cater for most models. Just ring and have a chat to the sales team. If they haven’t got it; they can probably make it. They can even source and install as well.

RTT POD  foxwing combo 14
Foxwing roof top tent combo

Stockman Hard-Top Camper

A fibreglass shell, gas assisted open and queen size bed. Available with black or white shell. See our Pricing page for pricing and options.

hard top pod camper roof top tent
The Stockman Hard-Top camper

Agents For –

ARB Rooftop Tents – Website

Rhino Foxwing Awnings – Website

Mounting Options

Roof top tents can be mounted on to –

Boat or tradie racks

Directly on to trailer tub

Special built heavy duty frames ( ideal height for change rooms and to attach shade awnings.)

Mount directly on top of the pod lid roof bars. ( Re-enforced lid frame and gas struts required )

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